Today we want to share with you a company that is doing BIG things. The makers over at Gaia For Women create beautiful works of art from vintage, re-purposed, and sustainable materials. Not only that, but Gaia (meaning goddess of the Earth), "empowers marginalized women through employment, encouragement, and dedication to their long-term success in our own local communities. Through a living wage and continued training and development, their goal is to lead the women to financial independence and self-sufficiency." We hope you will love this company's products and their mission and support them by making in a difference in these women's lives!

Easter is almost here and we are doing last minute prepping and making a few Pinterest inspired eggs with the kids! Ive been using my new Gaia Zebra Pouch for all my miscellaneous items and its the perfect size to stash my ipad!

Have a good Easter weekend everyone!

XOXO Amber Thrane