Becoming Grounded : Let's Get Personal

This is how we spend most of our days together; styling, shooting but more importantly chatting and laughing about ALL the things. Having your best friend as a business partner is beautiful because we get to share in EVERY part of life together. Our conversations are split 50/50 as we work through personal things and manage all that comes with running Dulcet.


Not only do we share an e-mail inbox and bank account but we also hold each other accountable to our healthy eating habits, we send along helpful parenting tips, nanny for each other once a week and act as an emergency therapist when we need to vent. Our text threads are full of moodboard concepts for clients, coordinating conference calls and shoots. Also woven into our messages are encouraging notes from books we're reading, podcast links, apps we love and our favorite pins.

We've realized that this dynamic of our lives has shaped the nature of our company. Personal development and business development go hand in hand because to us, business IS personal.

BUT when it comes to social media, bridging the gap between the two has always sort of hurt our brains and we just weren't sure how to do it so we ignored our undeniable desire to get more personal on this platform. And that was a shame. So.. we’re diving in! We still don't know exactly what it's going to look like but like most things we do, we're just gonna go for it anyways. Each week we will be sharing one personal post with resources that have helped us.

If you're up for it, let’s get personal!

Much of this desire to get personal stems from our realization of the power of vulnerability. We owe most of what we know about this subject to the “vulnerability queen” herself Brene Brown. She has become a serious source of inspiration for us lately. This time last year, a group of us watched her powerful Ted Talk on Vulnerability at a weekly business club I had been hosting at my home for some of San Diego’s raddest boss babes. Our conversation on this topic peeked my interest in her work and I have since read her book Rising Strong and am listening to Daring Greatly on audible (BOTH ARE AMAZING)

From the start, we’ve desired for Dulcet Creative to be a space where we have the privilege of making people feel a sense of true belonging within our community. For a long time we felt like we were succeeding in that pursuit but then things sort of went flat and we couldn’t figure out why until it dawned on us one day.

We stopped being vulnerable. We stopped sharing our hearts. We got caught up in performing. We were crippled by perfectionism.

Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.
— Brene Brown

So here’s the personal lesson of the week: “true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world.”

Those words are powerful and we know they are true but man is it hard to bring our “authentic, imperfect selves” to the world sometimes. ESPECIALLY to the online world. As visual storytellers that are paid to create and curate, it can be feel impossible to not let our perfectionist nature take over. Amber and I have a lot of things in common but perfectionism is at the TOP of the list. It’s not to say that perfectionism is all bad, our OCD certainly plays a vital role in helping us deliver a quality product. We came to realize at a certain point that our perfectionism was no longer working for us but against us. It was holding us back, keeping us from taking risks and it gradually developed into fear.

Moving forward, our hope is to practice presenting to you ‘our authentic, imperfect selves.’ knowing all well it will require some vulnerability on our end. To kick things off, you will hear us chat a lot over the next few months about what becoming grounded (mentally, physically and spirtually) means to us. We’re excited to approach this topic with an open mind and lots of grace for ourselves as we try to articulate the lessons we are learning. We hope you’ll follow along with us and step into the vulnerability bubble to share your story too.

- Kayla Sampson
Dulcet Creative Co - Founder