There is something so fun and addicting about pulling your paints out and getting a little messy! This week we are sharing with you how to make your own hand painted dish towels. This was such a simple little project but a great way to dress up an ordinary item in your kitchen. 

 What you will need:

Plain white dish towels
Fabric paint
Paint brush
Lemons or limes


What to do:

1. Cut lemon or lime in half and allow to sit out for about an hour to dry out.
2. Lay your dish towel out on a flat surface.
3. Dab the fruit with fabric paint. Cover the entire surface lightly then go back and add extra paint to the areas you would like to highlight like the rim and the triangular ridges.
3. Practice a few times on a piece of paper to make sure the pattern looks right.
4. Press fruit stamp onto your dish towel. 
5. Hang to dry!

Wash the towels before using.. and enjoy this bright new summer-filled accent to your kitchen!!