Dulcet Interviews

Hi! My name is Katelyn Morse and I’m a soon to be 25 year old artist from the east coast of Canada. Raised on a hobby farm, nature has always been just outside my door and has captured my heart completely in the form of art!

Tell us about your passions!  What you do and why you do it 

I have LOVED illustrating since I was young. I wouldn’t let my mom put me to bed until she had sat down with me and drew “groovy girls” first. I’m pinching myself thinking that it has turned into a career. I paint, because I love it, and have always loved it. It brings me great amount of joy when I can create something beautiful that will give life to a space in someone’s home. Playing with color is just so so fun. I believe I was created with an eye that appreciates nature, color and all of their delicate interactions and I just love getting into paints with that concept!

 How did you get started as an artist?  

 At my kitchen table, as a toddler. Jokes aside, it all started when I moved to a small town without a hair salon (I was formerly a stylist) and so I was without a job, with lots of spare time. I found myself starting to paint, and shared some of my pieces on good old Facebook. To my surprise, family and friends inquired about purchasing! After a few nudges from some creative friends, I got the nerve to set up a shop online and start offering my work worldwide. 

 What is the best advice that you have received as an entrepreneur?  

 EVERYTHING is figure-out-able. Sometimes it feels like you just haven’t a clue. But you learn and you grow and you figure things out. That, and DO NOT GIVE UP EARLY!    

 Your pieces are so stunning. What inspires you? 

Thank you. I’m fully inspired by nature and the earth around me. I’m always in awe when I look at the intricacy of a flower or a fern, or take a hike and reach a scenic view at the top. Creation amazes me and I try to appreciate it’s beauty every day! 

 When you are feeling a sense of burn out in your work. What is the first thing that you do? 

  Sit back with a cup of tea and just relax. Go and enjoy a day with friends and forget about business for a little bit. I come back feeling refreshed, inspired and ready to put my creative brain into gear. The best work comes after a period of rest! Rest and relaxation are so key. A good sleep and snuggles with my kitty help, too. 


If you could go back five years and give yourself a few pointers based on what you have learned now, what would they be? 

Do not think that a career in art is impossible. Anything is possible. You can do whatever it is in life that your soul desires. You’ll figure it out. Just go for it! Do the things that bring you joy. Follow your talent and your passion!


 Lastly, how does creativity add fulfillment to your life? 

Creativity gives me freedom. Freedom to explore so many different paths. It has helped me learn about myself, and to appreciate the little, beautiful things in life. It’s given me the freedom to explore more intimately and I do not know what I’d do without it! Thankful I have been created with a love of creating. :) 

A huge thanks to Katelyn for sharing her beautiful gift with us as well as some great insight. You can find more of her work by following her on instagram @katejerryy and visiting her shop here.

XOXO Kayla Sampson