Dulcet White Space Sessions: Mothers Day Mini Sessions

We hosted our second Dulcet White Space Sessions at the Rylee + Cru warehouse and this time the theme was "Mothers" in honor of Mothers Day!! It was so fun to get to capture all the generations of moms, grandmas and babies and that we just hope are cherished for years to come.

We asked a few of the moms and daughters that came to the shoot to answer a few questions and we absolutely loved reading through them and we know you will too!

What is something you admire about your mom?

Tiffany Velasquez: "My mom, also affectionately known as our kids Mimi, is an absolute gift to all of us. She's always makes sure we know she loves us not only in word but also in deed. She loves sacrificially and unconditionally. She's down to earth, hilarious, and our best company! I hope to be half the mom she has been to us! ❤"

What is the most life changing thing you've learned in becoming a mother?

Alexandra Reidarson: "The most life changing thing I've learned in becoming a mother is perspective. Perspective about life and how fleeting each moment really is so I don't sweat the small stuff because in the big picture, it won't matter. Perspective about what my priorities in life really should be and what I want them to be such as spending time with family, making time for me and my husband as a couple, etc.
Perspective about my goals and how I pursue my life not only as a mother but also as a business

owner in that I want to set an example about how to follow your passion and heart. Lastly, it gave me perspective about my own mother and taught me not only to be grateful for all she has done but also made me realize how much I model my own mothering style right after her."

What is one thing you've learned from your mother that you try to implement or emulate now in motherhood?

Cassidy Freitas: "My grandma showed me how to love unconditionally, her home has always been a safe place for everyone in our family. I hope my kids and future grandkids feel the same way about our home one day.

I found a card this year for my mom that perfectly describes one of the things I value most about her. It read, "thanks mom for teaching me all about the glass ceiling...and then how to use a hammer to break it." My mom showed me that I could be a mom, have a career, and still have time for myself. I hope to show my daughter the same things."

What is the most rewarding thing about being a mother? What is the most challenging?

Jessica Rice: "The most rewarding thing about being a mother is the purpose you feel the instant you see their face. We spend years collecting hobbies, memories and interests but when you hold them for the first time you realize what passion is.

The most challenging is fighting the desire for them to be at the next phase or next season instead of just cherishing and embracing exactly where they are right now knowing it will be fine in a flash!"

What is something your mom taught you growing up that you hope to implement in parenting?

Kayla Sampson "Some of my favorite memories with my mom over the years were made in the kitchen. She always included me in making family meals from the time I was little with some limitation, like not being able to use the "big knives" until I was nine years old. I remember anticipating my ninth birthday for years and thinking that's when I would pretty much be a grown up. Our time spent cooking together was something I always knew was special and now we carry on the same tradition as adults. When my parents come over it goes without saying that my mom and I will end up preparing a meal together which almost always includes laughing and dancing and my mom doing every dish in the house. It's in these moments that my house feels the most like home and I hope to pass on this tradition with my own babies soon."

If you could describe your mom in one word what would it be?

Amber Thrane: "Strength. You never quite realize what a superhero your mom is until you become a mom yourself and then it hits you that all of those things that your mom has always done with such ease are actually freakin HARD. My mom raised five kids and a dozen or so foster kids over the years with such ease and grace...she is the epitome of strength. She had a home cooked meal on the table every night for dinner for 20 years and here I am just trying to get my kids to eat a microwaved taquito really quick before piano practice haha! She must have learned a few things from her mom (my grandma) was who was a single working mother raising four kids while trying to make ends meet. She had a hard life and yet she remains optimistic and kind to this day. She never let her circumstances or hardships get her down. I am so lucky to have such amazing role models to look up to and I thank God every day that my kids get to witness their strength also!"