Balboa Island

One thing we have learned over the last couple of years since we started this business is that a little fun goes a long way. Burnout is almost inevitable when operating in a creative industry. We all experience it on some level. Our best defense is to PLAY. So this week we took some time to play.. Hard. We danced, laughed, stuffed our faces and then we spent an hour doing what we love most just for FUN. No deadlines. No invoices. Just two girls and one camera remembering why they fell in love with their craft in the first place. 

By the end of the day it felt like a weight had been lifted. Of course it is impossible for us to go an entire day without talking shop but when your business talks are interrupted by bites of a shared chocolate icecream ‘balboa bar’ you can’t take yourself too seriously and trust me, that’s a good thing.

This day changed the trajectory of our whole week and I don't doubt that it will carry over to the rest of the month. It left us inspired with new ideas and was such a healthy reminder of the truth that sometimes you just need to walk away from what you are working on for a moment or in this case an entire day, to be refreshed. It is so hard to make something out of nothing and as creatives we need a base to work off of. In those moments when you are hitting a creative blockade or straining your brain for something original, it feels most counterintuitive to walk away but sometimes that is exactly what you need to get going again. 

Thanks for following along with our Balboa Island #dulcetgetaways adventure!

XOXO, Kayla