Dulcet Gatherings: Growth and the value of REST

This week we had the privilege of hosting our first Dulcet Gatherings event at Myrtle Creek botanical gardens. To compliment the first week of spring, we decided to have a picnic in the garden and chose the topic of growth for discussion. We spent an hour or so discussing some lessons that we have learned through seasons of growth. It was such a blessing to have everyone share lessons with each other. The transparency and authenticity of the women that attended was so refreshing. We wanted to share an excerpt of our discussion for you all.

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Dulcet Gatherings : The Gems Within You

On Friday, October 28th, we will be co-hosting an event with the wonderful Cassidy Freitas. She will be leading an exercise geared towards re-discovering the creative gems within yourself. You'll leave with simple tools for those creatively blocked days! After our discussion, you ladies will get the chance to get creative at Alisa Michelle Design's make-your-own jewelry station.

Come enjoy a fun afternoon with some ladies that are near and dear to our hearts! You won't want to miss it.

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The power of purpose

At this month's gathering we met at the cutest little coffee shop in North Park, San Diego and had a rich discussion about values. The group of women that attended were absolutely phenomenal, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and bringing diverse perspectives on our topic. We left inspired and honored to be amongst such incredible leaders.

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Goal Setting With Intention

We had so much fun at our second Dulcet Gathering meeting new amazing women, diving into the topic of "Goal setting" and then exploring the beautiful flower fields with all our new friends. Today we are sharing with you the opening excerpt to our discussion on goals for all who wanted to come but couldn't make it.

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Dulcet Gatherings: A Spring Picnic

Two years ago we started Dulcet Creative as two friends who just wanted an excuse to spend more time together. We have learned so much since we started. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows but the days that we get to spend together always make up for some of the more difficult times that are inevitable when running a business. The days we get to create, laugh, adventure, ramble, vent, lay it all out on the table and feel known, understood and accepted are the ones that fuel us the most. We've found that at the core, that’s all a person ever really wants anyway

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