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Love Is In The Air!

Love day is almost here and we are putting together our Valentines gifts for our gal pals! We included these amazing wooden cards by Cardtorial paired with a simple floral bouquet tied in silk ribbon. These wooden cards can be engraved on the back to say your personalized little note too, SOO cute!

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Balboa Island

One thing we have learned over the last couple of years since we started this business is that a little fun goes a long way. Burnout is almost inevitable when operating in a creative industry. We all experience it on some level. Our best defense is to PLAY. So this week we took some time to play.. Hard. We danced, laughed, stuffed our faces and then we spent an hour doing what we love most just for FUN. No deadlines. No invoices. Just two girls and one camera remembering why they fell in love with their craft in the first place. 

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Utah Roadtrip

We have realized that as professional photographers, it is so easy to let your own personal images slip through the cracks. Between the two of us we have hundreds of thousands of images stored on multiple hard drives of our clients. We spend hours developing their prints and designing photo albums. So much so that by the time we get to our own personal photos, they end up buried in a hard drive somewhere never to be seen again. We are trying to make it a habit to do something with our personal photos and we thought this would be a great platform for that. 

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