Dulcet Gatherings: A Spring Picnic

Two years ago we started Dulcet Creative as two friends who just wanted an excuse to spend more time together. We have learned so much since we started. It hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows but the days that we get to spend together always make up for some of the more difficult times that are inevitable when running a business. The days we get to create, laugh, adventure, ramble, vent, lay it all out on the table and feel known, understood and accepted are the ones that fuel us the most. We've found that at the core, that’s all a person ever really wants anyway

to be heard and to feel known. 


This is where the idea for “Dulcet Gatherings” was born. When starting our business we realized, quickly, that entrepreneurship can be a lonely road. Many of us work in solitude from a home office or our local coffee shop which can feel so isolating. We are more connected than ever with others through social media and yet we feel less connected to real people in real time than ever before. We want to create a space for creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and freelancers 

to be heard and to feel known. 

Over the years, we have adapted, developed and re-developed this idea of ours to deathhhhh as we tried to figure out the best platform for our vision. We've been to so many workshops and styled events and we have even thrown a few events of our own but in the end we couldn’t envision a sustainable way to put on these caliber of events long term while still keeping up with our work.

So, we’ve stripped our original idea down to its bare bones, taken out some of the stylized glamour and decided that in the end we just care about YOU and we just want to create an excuse to get to know you more. That may mean just grabbing coffee with four or five of us or it may mean packing our cameras and heading out to explore a new place just for fun. We just want these gatherings to be a place where like-minded people can spend quality time together and find support, motivation, fun and connection. The structure for these events may change month by month, they won't be exclusive events for those who have the biggest social media followings; and they won't be styled to the nines. Our intention is to keep the main focus on supporting one another.  We hope to create a place where you can come hang out, enjoy, and leave with a few new friends and new nuggets of wisdom.  

Even though we feel alone in our struggles, there are other people going through similar things and if there's anything we've learned from being in business with each other its that there is nothing better than sitting across the table from someone and hearing the words: “ME TOO!!”. Simply put, we want to open up a conversation and see what we can learn from each other. We hope you'll join us!!