Utah Roadtrip

We have realized that as professional photographers, it is so easy to let your own personal images slip through the cracks. Between the two of us we have hundreds of thousands of images stored on multiple hard drives of our clients. We spend hours developing their prints and designing photo albums. So much so that by the time we get to our own personal photos, they end up buried in a hard drive somewhere never to be seen again. We are trying to make it a habit to do something with our personal photos and we thought this would be a great platform for that. 

We decided a few months back to plan a road trip from sunny San Diego to snowy Utah.  We brought the whole crew for a week in the snow exploring some new ground. It was an unforgettable week packed with many new memories.  Here are some of our stops along the way!

Panguitch Historic District

Our husband's were very against this pitstop that we made them pull a U-turn for. We didn't see any No Trespassing signs (at first) so we took that as a welcome invitation to explore and that we did. 


Brianhead is small, quaint and cozy. Our room was walking distance to the lift just outside our cabin. The people were all so laid back and kind. We felt like we have the entire place to ourselves. 

Bryce Canyon

If you haven't seen Bryce Canyon in the winter, you have to add it to your bucket list. This place was easily one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. Absolutely incredible!!

Mystic Hot Springs

On day three we made our trek to these Mystic Hot Springs. It rained/snowed the entire way there with huge gusts of wind beating on our car.  About fifteen minutes before we arrived the sky cleared and we got to watch the sunset from these amazing Hot Springs.

It was incredible.

Thanks for following along with our first of many #dulcetgetaways!

XOXO, Kayla