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Founded in 2014 by long time best friends Kayla Sampson and Amber Thrane, Dulcet specializes in creating high quality, fresh, and original imagery for brands and brides.


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When we were teenagers, we dreamed of being able to work side by side someday and we were constantly throwing around different entrepreneurial ideas for our future. Coffee shop, retail store, online shop... the list went on and on. At one point we were convinced we were going to open what we called a "trendy daycare". Fast forward a decade and we now have four kids between the two of us so it kind of feels like we’re running a daycare sometimes. Even though we weren't sure what it would be, we knew that we wanted to work together as a team.

After going to school and starting our “grown up jobs", we both felt this mutual
desire for something more creative and we knew that it was time. We had dreamed of a place where we could use our talents and passions to their full capacity to help others. Out of that dream, Dulcet was born.

Over the last four years, our business has evolved and changed but the heart of our mission remains the same. Today we are able to use the skillsets we have developed in the areas of photography, styling, creative direction, custom installations and set design to serve our brands and brides in a very unique way. 

Our work is so much more than work to us. It is our passion, our heart and our lifelong dream. 


Creavity is the way I share my
soul with the world. 


Brene Brown


Our work is so much more than work to us. It is our passion, our heart and our lifelong dream.